Starting Jan 23, 2017 @ 9am (Central US)

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We will have weekly sessions at 9am on Jan 23, Jan 30, Feb 6, Feb 13

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What Will You Learn

What topic to choose and what content to focus on as you’re building your first course (because spending too much time on the wrong topic can be detrimental).

How to implement marketing growth strategies and build an email list before you’ve even started your course (and why this is key!).

How to develop/showcase your personal brand and create an effective sales page to sell your course ( so you’re making money when you’re not even there).

Content Creation 101: Answers to every question you have about online course content: How long should my lessons be? How do I best organize my lessons? How do I create great video content? What is the best software and technology to use? PLUS so much more!

How to launch your first course with a bang and start getting signups!

At the end of this four week series, you will launch your first pilot course and start getting your first online students! (Yep. It only takes four weeks).


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will these workshops be available as a replay?

Yes. There will be replays for all of the events, but attending live is the only way to make the most of this training. *all replays will be available on this page and will come to you via email after the webinars air. They’ll be available until midnight on November 28th.
By attending live you can ask our presenters direct questions, get access to our incredible chat feature (it’s shocking how good the networking is, especially for a non in-person conference). Plus secret giveaways and discounts during each event that we won’t reveal until the day of.

How long do the workshops last?

Each 2pm EST workshop is around 90 minutes including the Q&A. Each 6pm EST panel is around 1 hour.

I can’t watch every event—can I pick and choose which ones to attend?

Definitely. There are 4 days of events. This makes it easy for you to pick and choose which ones you want to attend. Come to one or come to them all!

Is this really free?

Yup. It’s really free. This event is sponsored by Petrolessons, and our presenters are oil and gas experts who use our platform.

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