Mission + Vision

Enjoy what you do – passion is a very special and important component of One Global Media.  This will drive excellence and make work a fun journey for everyone.

Have a purpose – set goals, have direction and take the steps to get there. We will support you. But you must know where you want to go and have desire to reach it.

Build Value – being in the service industry, what sets us apart is the value we can bring to our clients. Always think of how we can be a valuable and irreplaceable resource.

Be Bold – dare to push the envelope, aim high, be ambitious, excel.

Be Honest – enduring relationships are built from trust, and trust is built from honesty.

Make a change – We are problem solvers, rocking the boat and making changes is part of it. Embrace change and adapt.

Continue to Improve – Although we are pretty awesome, let’s find opportunities to learn and improve.

Be fearless – Fear means paralysis. We can’t let fear stop creative thinking, taking risks and changing the world. Make mistakes…fearlessly…as long as you can learn and do better next time.

Be curious – There is novelty all around you. Be curious, touch, discover, research, broaden your horizons. Celebrate new!