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Introduction to PLC Language

by Jim Joros

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Today there are over 80 different PLC manufactures, such as: Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Omron, etc.

Jim Joros

About the Instructor

Known as the PLC guru, Jim Joros has over 40 years of experience in the electrical field ranging from rewinding motors, a motor room Electrician in an 80” Rolling Mill to an Electrical Control Technician in a high speed bottle manufacturing plant. Jim has also developed training programs and test equipment for training and repairs.

For the last several years Jim has been a PLC instructor teaching Allen Bradley SLC 500 and Contrologix. He is also published two training manuals titled “Guidelines for Troubleshooting” and “Essentials for Troubleshooting PLCs.”

Gain the solid foundation you need for building confidence and success!

**  If you’re serious about learning the basics of PLCs then this no nonsense introduction is for you! **

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You’ll Learn:

  • I.  The development of the PLC
    II. Best definition of a PLC
    III. The challenge of troubleshooting PLCs
    IV. The language of a PLC
    V. Memory size
    VI. Parts of a PLC
    VII. Processor scan cycle
    V. Functionality of Input and Output modules

The challenge of troubleshooting PLCs is the same as it was almost 50 years ago…trying to understand Ladder logic with relay logic! The analogy could be like saying; if you speak Spanish fluently then you should be able to speak Italian. Speaking Spanish will only give you the chance to identify and understand some words, and rarely whole sentences, but does not mean you can go to Italy and speak and understand the language. “The Language of PLCs” is an introduction of the functionality of Bits, Bytes and Words used in data files and program files as they apply in Ladder Logic. References to Allen Bradley RSLogix 500 processors will be used throughout.

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