7 Essential Skills of Leadership

How to Lead your Organization to Operational Excellence

Are you in an organization that has embraced continuous improvement/operational excellence? While educating your people and implementing a chosen methodology to make improvements to your processes (Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Quick Response Manufacturing, etc.) are there problems with making those improvements stick? Wondering what could be preventing your changes from taking permanent hold? Want to see improvement in your processes and your employee engagement? This is your answer!

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Establishing the Goal

Handling Change







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About Jeff Adams

After years of experiencing various types of leadership styles, through sports, the military, and private industry, Jeff Adams has developed into an experienced leader in driving change and continuous improvement in a variety of roles, including as a production supervisor, production planner, change manager, contract manager, manager of process excellence, and director of quality.

With a diverse background, including being a former officer in the U.S.A.F., a manager in the food production industry and in Oil & Gas, Jeff brings a wide range of experiences to the table that provides him a unique perspective for tackling issues that hold organizations back from performing at their highest levels. Jeff has helped develop courses for Lean certification, as well as leadership courses to help managers better support continuous improvement efforts in their work areas.

He is a proven leader in coaching and mentoring people to excel in their current positions, and in developing them for future advancement in their careers. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering Technology from the University of Memphis, a Master’s in Human Resources Management from Troy University at Montgomery, and is a graduate of NOV University’s Manufacturing Leadership Program at Rice University. Jeff is a recognized expert in continuous improvement, holding certifications in multiple continuous improvement methodologies. Certifications include: Lean Silver Certification (SME), Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (ASQ), and Certified Quick Response Manufacturing, Level I (Tempus Institute).

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